SMS - Storage Management System

Product description

The Storage Management System package is a consistent, but modular and highly configurable solution for technical and commercial support for underground gas storage operators. It covers complete workflows required for operations on the storages, starting from acquisition and control of process data on the gas storage plants, and finishing with commercial operations on storage users nominations and storage capacities management. With this approach the SMS integrates technical and commercial activities into a single management center

Target Group:

Storage Management System is a modular solution for both Storage System Operators (SSO) and Transmission System Operators (TSO). It has a convenient and good looking interface that will support clients for your storages.

GGPSSO and “Third Package” Compliance

Storage Management System was designed by taking into consideration indications for liberalized gas market, defined in GGPSSO document and Directive 2009/73/EU – known also as ‘Third Package’.

Possibility to enable customers to obtain the conditions and prices for storage access in advance. The system stores all information about prices for storage operations and available resources.

Secure and restricted access to storage user data. Flexible system of access rights and access rights management.

Cooperation with TSOs
Implemented procedures of nominations, renominations, OBA-s, and collection of their confirmations, including solving mismatches and lesser rule application

Non-discriminatory treatment of all customers. Equal access to storage resources and functionalities.

Secondary Market
Storage Exchange Platform dedicated for exchange of storage bundled and unbundled resources (capacities, storage volumes, gas volumes) between current and potential storage users for short- and long-term periods.

Inventory Management

In short
Inventory functionalities are dedicated for commercial operators, for management of global parameters of gas storages.

Inventory functionalities allow management of global parameters describing gas storages.

The parameters are:

  • Definition of volumes of storages,
  • Description of Transmission System Operators,
  • Access points codes,
  • Maximal and minimal flow limits,
  • Nominations scheduling,
  • Other global parameters required for support gas storage.

Contract Management

In short
Contract Management functionalities allow establishing contracts between storage operator and storage users

A web based solution that allows for management of storage contracts between storage operator and shareholders including contract details specific for storage usage and ownership according to rules defined in Gas Directive 2009/73/EU and Regulation 715/2009.

Functionalities of contract management provide solution for bundled and unbundled contracts with long and short-term time horizon. The contracts automatically affect limitations of user’s nominations and credit exposure.

Storage Users Nominations

In short
Storage User Nominations functionalities are dedicated for storage shareholders, storage users, with full solution for declaration of nominations and renominations of gas flows to the storage operator and for exchange of all necessary information according to TPA rules.

Nominations functionalities are dedicated for the storage operator and for storage users, with all necessary solutions for sending nominations and renominations to the operator of the storage, management of archival nominations and for reporting any necessary information related to the user’s gas account. All data available for the storage user in this module is related only to the user volume share and user resources.

SMS supports 3 ways of communication for nominations:

  • Nominating via a web portal,
  • Communicating via Edig@s messages with dedicated EDI message management functionalities,
  • Nominating via e-mail.

Users have the possibility to declare firm and interrupted nominations, and are provided with up to date information about the nomination processing status.

When assisted by Gas Communication Control, Storage Users Nominations can realize the complete communication with external systems with use of the Edifact protocol.

Storage Exchange Platform

In short
Storage Exchange Platform functionalities allow storage users to exchange their storage resources and stored gas volumes on the secondary market.

Storage Exchange Platform allows storage users to exchange their storage resources and stored gas volumes on the secondary market. The items of exchange are bundled and unbundled products of the gas storages. The module allows for creating offers, declaring bids and finalizing the agreements between storage users in terms of their storage resources. The operations are additionally controlled and confirmed by the storage operator in the technical and contractual meaning.

By giving the storage users a possibility to exchange their resources on the secondary market, the application has a support mechanisms for congestion management.

Dispatching Management

In short
Dispatching Management functionalities are dedicated for commercial dispatch of gas storage. It provides a full solution to process and verify nominations of storage users and to exchange all necessary messages with related parties of the market (gas shippers, TSOs)

A web portal for gas storage commercial dispatcher that conveniently supports the whole process of nominations dispatching. The Session Manager shows all nominations of storage users and allows for their approval and eventual modifications according to gas storage internal rules.

Session Manager allows for implementation of the client specific rules and formulas of nominations verification, and algorithms for reducing and rejecting interruptible nominations that are compliant with Use-It-Or-Lose-It rules of Congestion Management Procedures.

The module cooperates with all other modules of SMS in order to access all contractual parameters. When assisted by the Gas Communication Control, Session Manager can realize the complete communication with external systems with use of the Edig@s protocol.


In short
Functionality allowing SMS Operators to define, create and generate customized reports in most popular formats (pdf, xls, csv).

Reporting is one of the most used functionality in each complex system. SMS allows the system administrator to define report templates containing references to any business objects which exists in the system. Such template can be saved and used in the future as a base for generated reports. After the generation process, the reports are saved on the SMS server and can be accessed by any user with high enough privileges.

SMS supports several data resolutions (range between an hour and year) as well as customization according to specific Customer, Gas Storage or time period.

Documentation Repository

In short
A complete database of documents related to SMS system operation, organized according to user’s preferences can be maintained by the utilization of Documentation Repository functionalities.

The Documentation Repository module is responsible for archiving and storing documents used by the SMS and created in the SMS. The system provides the possibilities to group and organize the documents in folders through the functionality of folder management. Users can define the privileges to read or write to the specific folders and documents. Some of documents, i.ex. created by the SMS system, are obligatory marked up as read-only documents. The most important of all functionalities of the Documentation Repository module are:

  • Archiving documents related to SMS system operation,
  • Expanding the repository structures,
  • Searching by various criteria,
  • Categorizing and indexing of documents,
  • Versioning of documents.

Users can conduct the operations on the documents (transfer, search, create new versions, delete) using the SMS interface or the operation system functionalities.


In short
The functionalities of the Organizer module allow a documented communication between Dispatchers and other SMS users via the system of notes and tasks organized and prioritized by users.

The Organizer module is designed for Dispatchers, one of the groups of SMS users. It allows users to create, review and edit the history of notes created by both users and the SMS system. By default, the notes are sorted by creation date. The user can filter them and define tasks for each note. The Organizer gives the user the ability to track the history of notes browsing by users (user names of those who have reviewed the note are stored by the module). Users can also add attachments to each note and identify users responsible for particular tasks.

User of the Organizer module can:

  • create notes including various attachments,
  • define tasks to be performed,
  • view notes generated by the SMS (appointments, renominations, etc.),
  • receive an alarm regarding the upcoming deadline of the task,
  • create notes based on existing notes,
  • search the notes through the advanced filtering functionality,
  • Print selected notes
  • Set the priorities of notes.



Storage Management System (SMS)