GCC - Gas Communication Control

Product description

Gas Communication Control (GCC) is a convenient, multi-user, easy to use web based application that allows control, conversion, and management of exchange of Edig@s messages. The application is dedicated for gas shippers, TSOs (Transmission System Operators), SSOs (Storage System Operators), and other parties of gas market. It supports processes of matching, balancing, nominating, etc.

The advantages of GCC include:

  • Possibility to send, receive, browse and create Edig@s messages,
  • Creation and monitoring of any number of connections to other Edig@s communicators,
  • Possibility of integration with other systems that need to send and receive Edig@s messages.

GCC is an application providing support for business processes of the European gas market. As a standalone product it provides easy, convenient, authorized support for Edig@s communication with extensive audit logging functions. It reads Edig@s 5.0, 4.0 and 3.2 messages and displays them in a user friendly form.

GCC supports the following Edig@s messages:

  • NOMINT ( Balancing Nomination ),
  • NOMRES (Balancing Nomination Response)
  • DELORD (Delivery Order Message),
  • DELRES (Delivery Order Response Message),
  • ACKNOW (Application Error & Acknowledgment Message),
  • AVAILY (Availability Message),
  • ALOCAT (Allocation Message),
  • CHACAP (Changed Capacity Message),
  • IMBNOT (Imbalance Notice Message),
  • ACCPOS (Account Position Message).

Furthermore the new functionalities of GCC are being developed, including new Edifact messages such as:

  • PRICAT (Price/sales catalogue message),
  • MSCONS (Metered services consumption report message),
  • CONTRL (response to interchanges).

Additionally, the application can be easily integrated with other systems and be treated as a data translator between different systems.

Technical summary

Supported protocols:

  • AS2
  • http(s)
  • ftp
  • webservice
  • e-mail
  • flat file

Supported message formats:

  • Edig@s 5.0
  • Edig@s 4.0
  • Edig@s 3.2
  • XML


  • MS Active Directory
  • Internal solution

Operating systems for server:

  • Windows 2008 Server
  • Windows 2003 Server
  • Windows XP



Gas Communication Control (GCC)