Billing Systems

Product description

The Billing Engine is a proven solution implemented in a variety of configurations and IT architectures for customers in the gas and energy sectors in Europe, The Middle East and Latin America. The main purpose of the system is to generate invoices between contractors based on data from automation systems, external web pages, manual data or any other external system.

Billing Engine is a flexible, convenient, multiuser and easy to use web based product supporting the billing process. The universal and configurable approach, with wide possibilities of customization, make this product simple to implement for a variety of industry branches. Excel based solution for implementation of billing formulas make the customization process short and easy for verification..

Target Groups:

  • Gas market (storage, transport)
  • Energy market (power plants, trading)
  • Water desalination plants
  • Water supply and sanitation
  • Chemistry
  • Petrochemical Industries
  • Other industries

The most significant advantages are:

  • Fully automated process of invoice generation
  • Data acquisition with high resolution from other sources i.e. DCS systems
  • Flexible, Excel based mechanisms for implementation of custom billing formulas
  • High configurability of products, invoice templates and layouts
  • Management of unlimited user defined, manually entered values for billing formulas (exchange rates, indexes, etc.)
  • Automatic and manual generation of invoices
  • Interfaces to a variety of data sources: DCS, SCADA, EDM systems, other
  • Interfaces for export of invoices to external billing systems (optional): SAP Plugin, open and documented web service protocol
  • Short time of project implementation

Solution for power and desalination plant

Billing Engine is designed for the gas industry and easily integrates with the DCS plugin. It covers the whole data flow starting from automation systems and ending with invoice documents to be provided for the customer of the end user.

The system generates monthly invoices and invoice attachments containing data from:

  • DCS system
  • market data (i.e. exchange rate)
  • other systems data
  • manual parameters

Excel attachments contain all inputs and formulas for each invoice position and allow full manual verification of calculations.

Solution for power plant with EDM

Billing Engine can acquire input values for calculations from one or more source systems. In this case the source was EDM implemented for a gas driven power plant. The data is archived in the system and calculations of formulas can be invoked automatically or on demand.

The system calculates billing data for few dozen power plant shareholders, and exports it to SAP. Cancellations and invoice corrections are supported in the implemented business process.

Solution for gas storage

Billing Engine can be integrated with a commercial Storage Management System and can automatically generate invoices for Storage System Operators (SSO), Transmission System Operators (TSO) or other users. In this configuration, the Billing Engine collects data from:

  • Full variety of contracts between SSO
  • Automation system for balancing purposes
  • Nominations
  • Storages general parameters
  • Other sources


Billing Systems