Solution Mining Research Institute (SMRI) Conference - Transition Technologies was there.

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The last Solution Mining Research Institute Conference was held at the turn of September and October 2012 in Bremen.

During this event Transition Technologies was pleased to present one of its products: Storage Operation Expert (SOE). The presentation was conducted for delegates from all around the world, representing mainly the mining industry, technical universities and research centers, as well as operators and users of gas storage facilities.

Storage Operation Expert is a software solution for optimizing the operation of un¬derground gas storage plants. SOE answers whether the user is able to meet the gas demands while also providing in¬formation on how much gas will be available for injection or with¬drawal while taking into account various complex factors that limit the dynamics of the gas storage. The main goal of the software is to maximize plant capabilities and to minimize energy usage, while ensuring compliance with operational safety barriers. Obtaining such a compromise requires taking into account several complex factors, e.g., without an accurate model of the withdrawal and injection flow potential, the overall plant capabilities might be artificially underutilized.

More information about the system:

SMRI Conference is the most popular branch event, gathering more than 150 organizations from all around the world, related to mining industry, as well as operators and users of underground gas storage facilities. The SMRI Conferences are held twice a year. They are attended by representatives of major oil and gas companies, technical solutions providers and scientists (geology and geophysics).

The topics discussed during the Conference included both, theoretical issues related to geology and salt caverns modeling, as well as specific operational and technical issues concerning the optimization and use of underground gas storages.